Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Year of the Dragon

As promised, here is a sneak peak of my children's book scheduled to be publicly released October of 2014. Please keep in mind I had a three month due date on top of an 18 hour school schedule with the final spreads due about a week after finals. So they may not appeared the highest standard of artistic acceptance of the illustration world. I did, however, learn a lot about the industry I hope to one day enter professionally. It was a great experience to work one on one with an author and publisher. 

I decided to do the finals in a mix of watercolor ink and Photoshop. 

Here are a few pages from the story. Stay tuned to read more about Jake Chandler in Year of the Dragon.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Moose Jersey

 I was contacted my first week of summer to design a bicycling jersey featuring a moose riding a bike. Sounded like a fun challenge! Here are my initial sketch ideas and color suggestions I sent to my client.

Number three was decided and I created a color comp in Illustrator. 

So I began my variations! The popular vote was number 4. 

 So here is the final jersey design and layout. I hope to upload an image of the printed jersey soon!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Yellow Balloon

All great things begin with a good idea. The assignment was to develop imagery to evoke a feeling or emotion in relation to the song "She Sang Hymns Out of Tune." 
I began with listening to the song over and over again until I was sick of it's catchy lyrics. I interpreted the song being about a woman who had great power to provoke actions with her words "she turned 10,000 when she touched the moon." Perhaps the "yellow balloon" was actually her method of travel. 

So the audience we were illustrating for was a bit younger than what I hit on my initial sketches. So I reworked the idea. 
This had a much better flow and sense of environment. She became more of an explorer and it appealed to my desired stylistic approach. 

I experimented in watercolor and pen and ink. 
I liked it but still needed a little something. 


Here is the final! I gave it a little bit of extra flare with a three dimensional feel. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Beautiful Changes

For our final assignment in Visual Narrative Story boarding: we were to take a written piece of literature and visually interpret it. I immediately turned to poetry as a source of inspiration. Richard Wilbur has always been one of my favorites. I honor of Spring I chose "The Beautiful Changes."


From here I did TONS of sketches trying to figure out what exactly I wanted to represent and what message I wanted to portray. After tediously analyzing this poem I determined that the beauty he was discussing was not nature itself, but rather the changes that partake in nature. 

So I decided to focus more on transitions and movement to create a visual composition.

First came the sketches! (The really really rough thumbnail stage) 

By this point I also decided to work with clay. I bought some "clean clay" which is just a cheap form of sculpy that came in a very natural earthy tone.  

It took several tries and a lot of patience but I won't bore you with all my elongated process. Here is a cut of the final! Take not this is NOT intended to be a full stop motion animation nor is it a traditional animatic. Rather a hybrid of both. (note* There is sound!)


Wednesday, April 16, 2014


This project presented as many challenges as it did rewards. It is probably the most ambitious piece I have ever tackled simply due to it's over whelming amount of detail. The prompt was presented to create a "puzzler" for ages 6-10 that was both engaging and interesting.

It all began with a simple sketch on tracing paper. 

After a little revision I had some body to my idea (sketched in photoshop). The size variation still needed some work as well as the dynamics of the piece as a whole. 

I then went to color exploration and the addition of texture on top of value. 

Here is the final version. I decided to take out the accompanying animals because it became too confusing what purpose they served and I also stepped up the personification of the poodle and added more interesting items to the garage sale. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Non Lyrical Interpretation


Jerry makes another appearance! This is for my Storyboarding class. The project was to create an animatic around a score of music that has no lyrics. I chose Frenesi by Artie Shaw and his Orchestra.  

Educational Poster Final

Here is the final of my educational poster! It has gone through many grueling revisions and critiques. Our next project has been announced as a children's "puzzler." More to come soon!