Wednesday, April 16, 2014


This project presented as many challenges as it did rewards. It is probably the most ambitious piece I have ever tackled simply due to it's over whelming amount of detail. The prompt was presented to create a "puzzler" for ages 6-10 that was both engaging and interesting.

It all began with a simple sketch on tracing paper. 

After a little revision I had some body to my idea (sketched in photoshop). The size variation still needed some work as well as the dynamics of the piece as a whole. 

I then went to color exploration and the addition of texture on top of value. 

Here is the final version. I decided to take out the accompanying animals because it became too confusing what purpose they served and I also stepped up the personification of the poodle and added more interesting items to the garage sale. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Non Lyrical Interpretation


Jerry makes another appearance! This is for my Storyboarding class. The project was to create an animatic around a score of music that has no lyrics. I chose Frenesi by Artie Shaw and his Orchestra.  

Educational Poster Final

Here is the final of my educational poster! It has gone through many grueling revisions and critiques. Our next project has been announced as a children's "puzzler." More to come soon!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mr. Foutz's Fifth Grade Class

I have some very exciting news! I have partnered with the talented Ian Foutz to Illustrate his book Year of the Dragon. This is my first contracted children's book and I am greatly looking forward to it's completion this May. 

I recently skyped Mr. Foutz's class in California (he is a 5th grade teacher by day) and answered a few of their questions about what it takes to be an Illustrator. I was so moved by their enthusiasm for the creative world I asked them to email me a few art pieces of their own so I could put them on my blog. Enjoy!

Color Comp Sea Turtle

Here is the first pass at the addition of color! By no means is this complete. I still need to add some textures to the inside of the turtle's cut away, experiment a little more with the jellyfish and overall lighting and coloring consistency. I thought I would post a sneak peak to see how my steps are coming along.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Leatherback Seaturtle

Sneak peak! I have begun my educational piece for my Children's Book Market class. We were  to select an animal and develop an informational poster (for ages 8-12), including it's eating habits, habitat ect. I chose the Leather Back Sea Turtle. 

They are the largest turtle in the world! and have a lineage of 70 million years, outliving the extinction of the dinosaurs! The best part is that not many people know such a beautiful creature exists. Which also presented a difficult problem in regards to research.  I watched tons of videos, read books and delved into the internet ocean. From there I developed some sketches. 

The most significant part of this animal is their lack of a hard shell. Instead they have a layer of leather like skin that covers a mosaic of bones which is enveloped in a layer of fat. (hence their name). Allowing them to dive to extreme depths of 4,000 feet and survive migratory lengths from as far as Canada to New Zealand. 

My first layouts were a total bust. I wanted to fit too much in too small of a space. 

Back to the drawing board! I decided to focus on the breakdown of the inside of the turtle. 

Still a little crowded...I will be finalizing my layout this weekend. Stay posted for the final value comp and soon the color! Want to learn more about these amazing creatures? Check out this awesome video! (be warned there are some blood and guts).  


As I have posted before I am enrolled in a class focused on the fundamentals of story boarding. We walk through the basics of camera positions, layouts and timing. This class has proven both challenging and rewarding as it has pushed me to examine not only the composition of each drawing but also the interaction of the audience and their emotional connection to the scene. Our second project was a PSA, commercial or intro title sequence. I chose to create a commercial for Zarbee's cough syrup. Which is drug free, all natural and side effect free. So it is safe for both children and adults (especially those with allergies). Here are a few of the preliminaries... 

So I went with the idea of a dream sequence. A little girl has a cough her mom gives her the syrup. She falls asleep. Wakes up and interacts with a dream like world by following the path of a bumble bee (Zarbee's mascot). Here are screen shots from the final- displaying how the initial sketches transitioned into the final drawings...

I used After Effects to piece the images together and add camera movements and object interaction.  I also added sound effects and music (so turn on those speakers). 
Here is the final animatic!